New Look

Do you ever look in the mirror and get tired of what you see? While most people change their appearance from time to time, I have been lax in this department. The status quo was good enough for me. The biggest alteration that people notice is hair color—in men and women. A shorter haircut will also do the trick, but right now I like the length I have. I consulted with friends about the right shade and vowed to do the deed over the weekend. I would start out Monday morning with a surprise for coworkers and colleagues. Would anyone notice?

Personal style is as important as home décor, although I often focus most often on the latter as my blog readers know. What you wear and your grooming habits make a huge difference in the overall effect. At the top of the pyramid, however, hair and makeup reign supreme. I felt an innate need to try something new for some unexplained reason. When a brunette goes blonde, the result can be dramatic, but is often inappropriate. When a woman goes from mousy brown to red, it is a sign of a psychological need. I am going to liven up the faded sandy blond and go for a rich sable with great depth of color. I hoped for the best as I opened the package. Clairol, fail me not, I chanted. I crossed my fingers.

You need to know what you are doing in the hair color process or you will make a big mess and stain everything in sight. I opted for the kitchen sink instead of the shower or tub. I could control the run off with my wonderful new Kraus faucet. Little did I know when I bought it that it would convert my kitchen into a beauty salon. The pull-down design is perfect for the dying task. A friend stood by after the color had sufficiently developed to help me do the rinse. The faucet was so convenient that I think I could have done it myself. I could get really close to the scalp, moving the flexible neck from the base of my neck to my bangs. To this time, I had only maneuvered the faucet side to side in the sink to wash dishes or clean the basin. The Kraus faucet went to town helping me get rid of telltale dye that was adhering to my roots.

When you choose a new kitchen faucet, you have so many choices. Modern innovation has given us the touchless model and the flexible neck. A pull-down style is increasingly in demand in addition to which we all want instant hot and filtered cold water. I know of dozens of women who wash and dye their hair at home, most at the kitchen sink. Those in the know already have their pull-down unit. I was late to the party, but am now on the right track.