Sad to Say, I Didn’t Strike Gold, But…

Life can be dull and routine. It is my goal in life and the purpose of this blog to encourage making our surroundings more attractive. There are so many ways to beautify a room on a budget. I have made decorative objects myself with a few odds and ends around the house. Save swatches of fabric, used ribbons, dried flowers, or any gifts such as candles and picture frames. They can all turn into wonderful décor if combined in an interesting way. All you need is some creativity and the desire and a favorite color scheme. I have used paper lanterns for lamps, papier maché boxes for jewelry, collage or watercolors hung over the bed as a headboard. Then there are great stores that sell glass vases, abstract rugs, embroidered pillows and fun artwork at a super price. We all know these chains, but sometimes we forget about them. It is so much easier to go in person to best envision an object in your space. Online, you often are surprised at a difference in color or size from what you expected.

Recently, I found some decorative items while panning for gold with a friend. She wanted to try it as she heard that you can uncover interesting relics or rocks while also looking for the magic metal. I think a big nugget would be extraordinary on an end table next to a crystal vase. It was my first time and I didn’t envision much success at Finding a Fortune. I am happy to reveal that I did find some different things that would work in my home. Before we even started panning, I saw some tall plants that would dry beautifully and fit in one of my best vases. This was a very good start. I also found some pieces of wood here and there in very artistic shapes. Driftwood at the beach is like branches from an old tree. I find that when strategically placed, it can be fabulous.

Thus, I didn’t exactly strike gold in the literal sense of the words, but I did find what I wanted to begin with: some décor items that no one else has. When in place, they added so much personality to the room as I had hoped. Decorating and embellishing is all about avoiding the tried and true. Too many people think that you can only have a sleek contemporary look in our era. I believe in populating a space with something of visual interest no matter what style you prefer. I love an eclectic feel rather than something totally homogenous. Combining styles can result in something far superior.

I leave you with a final thought. Doing it yourself is often better than hiring a designer with one look. If you want your place to reflect your taste and personality, it is best to go hunting on your own. Let my example encourage you to look around and explore possibilities wherever you are.