Work Style Doesn’t Have to be Boring

I believe it is important to live your life with maximum style. It is easier than you think. Start with your home. Take a look around. Do you like what you see? Is it interesting or the same as everyone else? Does it reflect who you are and the intricacies of your personality? Whether guests come over or not, it is for you first and foremost. You spend the most time in your living space and making it beautiful and attractive will enrich your life. Plus, it is fun to put it all together. Any type of décor will do and there a thousand ways to make it work on a budget. You can buy used, make things yourself, accept hand-me-downs from family or friends, and find bargains online or in stores. When it comes to decorating and styling, the world is your oyster. There is so much out there.

The same goes for your appearance. I am a strong proponent of jazzing up your work wardrobe to reflect your personal style. The idea, of course, is to find it. You can have fun and be yourself while still looking professional. Why be plain when you can be fancy. Why wear a cookie-cutter outfit when you can be unique? You would be surprised what a little color and pattern can do. A hot pink belt with a white silk shirt and a pair of classic trousers takes you into an entirely different mode.

So, style is a two-pronged concept: home and work, furniture and clothing, décor items and accessories. If they overlap, so much the better. I find, for example, that the ubiquitous backpack can be turned into a business tote like the models at Just as you add things around the house to make it yours, you can style your backpack or briefcase with personal details. Whether it is your basic blouse and pants, ladies, or your carry-all, work style doesn’t have to be boring. A pretty print scarf tied around your neck or waist works wonders on the briefcase for color and pizzazz. I also like to paint on my briefcase and put adornments on my backpack. Travel or theme pins will do just fine. Patches are another possibility. Beads flowing from the fabric add a luxury vibe.

It all comes down to caring about your life and the meaning of the word “style” as it applies to you. If you believe what I say, the time is now to get your fashion and home décor in order. Become a new you. It can be a great hobby or pastime to help you escape from the tedium and routine of work (if that is your case). I personally can spend hours on the Internet looking at design photos and what people do that strikes my fancy. Give Instagram a gander. There is a treasure trove of ideas out there. I wouldn’t steer you wrong.