Dorm Style Essentials

I love how practical many blogs are today giving you tips and tricks on how to do this or that. It is all about improving your life on a budget. Plus, it is fun to do it yourself no matter if it is making soap or bath oil or learning how to cook for pennies a day. I have seen sewing instructions, how to convert an old tee into a million gifts, the essence of motor cycle maintenance and lawn mower repair. Do you want to learn to weld, bake bread, clean an oily garage floor, or install an above-ground pool? Just go on line and in seconds you have all you need to know.

My blog is about decorating your environment or your clothing to spiff up your life and image. It is another DIY but with a twist. I want to focus my attention today on college students and the frugal life they live. Rather than reside in a bland dorm room with nothing to look at, I will help you decorate it in style on the cheap. Everyone will want to come over. Then I will end with suggestions to make your backpack look as cool as possible with easy tricks of the sewing trade. Stay with me.

Among the many ways you can redo your room, here are my favorites:

  • Paint works wonders as long as you chose a fun color: not beige, tan, white, or ecru. Forget what mom thinks.
  • Window treatment packs a big punch as a visual focal point. You can make your own drapes and avoid the cost of custom pre-fab curtains. A few simple seams made with a borrowed sewing machine will do the job. Pick a fabric that is not too transparent so the sun doesn’t wake you up. If the walls are neon bright, use a heavy cotton/linen blend. Make a casing at the top or loops depending upon your skills. Slip the drape through a wooden rod that lays neatly on decorative fixtures installed at each side of the window. The only real money you will spend is if you like fancy hooks.
  • Making a duvet or quilt might be too much for you so get all your girlfriends to go in on it. It will be done in no time. You can add homemade pillows of fun fabrics that contain the wall color.
  • Frequent thrift stores to find interesting area rugs that aren’t too beaten up. No matter if they are worn as long as they are clean. By the way, it is easy to wash cotton carpets and some even go in the washing machine.
  • Knickknacks will fill a boring space if strategically placed on desks, night stands and dressers. Remember that thrift store. Go back again. Make your own candles or macramé plant holders. Ask mom to donate some items she no longer looks at. Too many small items are dust catchers so go with bigger things.

Now that your room could be in Home and Gardens magazine, let’s tackle the Backpack Style. My suggestions for quick adornment to set your bag apart from a sea of boring totes:

  • Add new straps in a contrasting color. A good place to go is a shoe or handbag repair shop.
  • Add jewels, ribbons, patches, or pre-made embroidery designs over the surface.
  • Paint (with fabric paint) your favorite idols or images, even the logo of a top sports team.
  • Make strings of beads and hang them from hooks on the backpack.

Have fun and stand out in the crowd!