Color Choices

When you’re thinking about clothing, you can wear just about any color that you love and that looks good on you. All you have to worry about is whether or not it matches with everything else you’re wearing. So, if your favorite color is tangerine, then you can wear a tangerine dress to a dinner party and a pair of tangerine shoes when you’re out running. The colors you choose for your living spaces, on the other hand, are a little different.

Certain colors can have significant affects on our moods and feelings, so we have to be conscious of these things when we’re designing spaces in our home. It doesn’t matter what your favorite color is, it is all about functionality in each room. And while you absolutely can add colors in as accents, keep a few of these ideas in mind if you’re buying paint colors for your walls or furniture – it will help you achieve the things you truly want out of your space.

In somewhere like the bedroom, you want to go with soothing colors. You want your bedroom to feel like a haven, and a bright or flashy color will be too stimulating here. Go for cool colors like greens or blues. Even pastels like lavender would look beautiful. You want to avoid colors like red or orange on your walls – they make you more alert (think about a traffic light). If you are partial to warm colors, work them in as textiles.

For the dining room, go the opposite way. Did you know that the color red can be an appetite stimulant, making it the perfect color for a dining room. If you’ve got heavy and dark wood furniture, your best bet is going to be to balance it out with a lighter color on the walls. For rooms that don’t get a lot of help from the sun, a mirror on the wall across from a window will work wonders. It will reflect the light and make the room even brighter if you need it. If that’s not possible, try to put it in a position where it will reflect the artificial light in the room – it’s the same principal, after all.

When in the kitchen, go for cheerful colors. Yellows go great with many different wood colors, easy to do with cabinets. If you have white cabinets, on the other hand, and lots of lighting, a deep color like navy blue can look amazing. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so make it a room that is bright enough to see what you’re doing and happy so that meal prep day in and day out doesn’t feel like a chore.

Bathrooms are one place where I like to have fun with color. Sticking with white porcelain is always a solid choice, and then you can paint the walls or have any color tiles you choose. I like my bathroom to look like a spa retreat, so I have lots of sage greens and tranquil blues. But I’ve also had deep purples and burgundy, too. It just depends on the size of the room and the lighting available.

Lastly, let’s talk about living rooms, studies, family rooms, and dens. No matter what you call them, these tend to be rooms we spend a lot of time in. They also tend to have the most furniture in them: sofas, love seats, entertainment centers, bookshelves, and storage containers. In cases like this, I really like having neutral tones on the walls. Tans, greys, and cream colors can provide a blank canvas feel to the room so that you can have great things like patterned sofas and vibrant area rugs take center stage.

Let me know if you agree with these tips or if you’ve gone a different way. I’d love to hear what colors are on your walls!