There’s no Excuse for Boring Walls

I like to make my own art for my walls. When it is done right, you have a fun and personal piece that really is unique. When it’s done wrong, however, it looks a little too kiddie or arts-and-crafty, two things I try to avoid. Here are some tips on how to create your own one-of-a-kind pieces, whether you’re making a gallery of your own photographs or a meaningful collage.

First, decide on a frame. If you’re doing something on a canvas, you can choose to forgo one, but remember to be careful with the edges – at least the ones on the sides and the bottom will be visible (the top, too, depending on how you hang it or if you are super tall). Find one that is proportionate to the size of the room. While I sometimes buy a frame to go with something specific, so it is a matching thing, I often use the size of a frame that I find somewhere to help me decide what to put in it.

If you are going for a gallery style look, you do not have to have the same frames or even the same sized frames throughout. You just have to make sure that there is something to tie all the items together: maybe it is all pictures that are black and white, or maybe they are all objects out of the same theme. If you really want it to look upscale, using a matte in each frame will make them look professionally done. I highly recommend laying out everything on a large sheet of butcher paper or cardboard before you start making holes in your walls. It will really help you see what the end result will look like before you use a single nail. Trace the frames where you want them on your template, mark where the nails should go, and then tape the template in place on the wall.Put the nails in your designated spots and viola!Only the necessary amount of marks on the wall!

On the other hand, if you’re creating something like a collage, really think about what you want to use. Magazine or newspaper pages tend to look very amateurish, but if you know where you are going with that, great! I’ve used pages from books before and it really depends on the quality of the paper it is printed on. Pay a lot of attention to the space you’re using and the space you’re not. You don’t want it to look too cluttered or too empty. Finding a balance is much easier before you start gluing anything down – something I learned by trial and error, trust me! Play around with the layout until you have something that you like. If you have too many things, don’t crowd it. Make another instead. Go over everything with a clear glue or similar when you are finished to keep everything looking good for a long time.

For those of you who are just blessed with artistic talent and can paint, you are lucky! Even if you do one of those paint nights, hang your work with pride! It doesn’t matter if it is perfect, only that you like it. Make your space your own and it will never feel out of place!