Need a Change?

I start to get a little antsy when I feel like I’ve been looking at the same four walls too long. As much as I would like to have the money to reupholster furniture, buy new curtains, and get all new accessories, my life isn’t really like that at the moment. I’m assuming, if you’re reading my blog, yours isn’t, either.

But I’ve found some tips and tricks along the way to make things look different enough to quell that feeling. Take a look at my ideas below, and use what works for you.

The first one is obvious—rearrange furniture. Even if all I’m doing is angling a bookcase, it can change the focal point of the room. Plus it is free! I’ve got a square rug with asymmetrical patterns on it – every time I rotate it, it looks completely different. I love it.

Another thing I like to change is the art on the walls. While I don’t necessarily have the money to buy new art, I can make my own. I can print a new photograph to hang on the wall, or even make a collage. One time, I bought a children’s book that was an old favorite of mine and very carefully removed a few of the pages to hang up. I’ve got a few all-purpose frames on the wall and I can switch out what’s inside whenever.

If you don’t have the money for new window treatments, you can try changing out your hardware – replace the finials, paint the rod, use different hooks. Anything will have an impact. Another idea is to put up a valance or swag; it will change the look of your window without changing the curtains. Adding or removing sheers can also help. I also don’t judge if you have shower curtains hanging on the walls. If they’re the rights size for the room and you like them, so what!

If you are OK with a sewing machine, buy fabrics and make some of your own items. A simple pair of curtains actually aren’t all that hard to make, and neither are throw pillows. The price of material can be much more budget-friendly. In your bedroom, you can also change out bedskirts, the coverlet, or even just the pillowcases to make the room look different.

Reupholstering can be challenging and is probably best left to professionals, but slipcovers can work magic on old furniture! The internet is great for finding the perfect slipcover to hide the faded pattern on your hand-me-down sofa. If your piece is oddly shaped, a pretty throw blanket can do wonders.

If none of these ideas appeal to you, then I suggest changing the lighting. Go for a softer watt bulb or a different color. Change out the shade, or add a trim. You’d be surprised at how different things can look just by switching out a little lightbulb.

My last idea is a pretty simple one: if you have a collection in the room – whether its knickknacks, collectibles, books, or something else – a simple rearrangement can sometimes change the look and feel of your display.

Doing even one or two of these things can really change up a room and make it look totally different. Enjoy your new/old place!